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Jersey City Dental in Jersey City, NJ, uses advanced dental technology for their procedures, including CEREC® same day crowns, ViziLite® oral cancer screenings, and a WaterLase® laser for soft tissue treatments. By using the latest dental technologies, our dentists are able to deliver more accurate diagnoses, efficient treatment planning, and more comfortable treatments. We are proud to provide our patients with the latest dental tools and technologies so they can receive superior, comprehensive care. Detecting oral conditions early, such as gum disease and cancer, can help save you time and money, as well as protect your long-term health.

CEREC® technology.
CEREC® technology is used to create realistic and durable restorations, such as veneers. 


CEREC® technology, also known as chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics is a CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided milling) system used to create realistic, durable restorations, such as same-day crowns and veneers. After taking digital impressions of your teeth and jawbone, the images are immediately uploaded to a computer.

We are proud to provide our patients with the latest dental tools and technologies so they can receive superior, comprehensive care.

The software analyzes your smile and creates a three-dimensional model. The doctor uses this opportunity to make any last minute decisions before creating your customized restoration. The machine will then carve your restoration from a single block of tooth-colored ceramic in just under one hour. The dentist will check the fit before securing it in place.

ZOOM!® Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening is one of the most requested cosmetic treatments. For patients who desire immediate results, we offer in-office teeth whitening treatments using a ZOOM!® laser. Once your teeth are cleaned and dried, the whitening agent will be carefully applied to your teeth. The LED light emitted from the laser activates the whitening material, delivering a dramatically whiter smile in less than one hour.


When oral cancer is discovered early, patients have a much greater chance of making a full recovery. Oral cancer is difficult to diagnose in its earliest stages, but ViziLite® allows the doctor to detect the smallest precancerous and cancerous cells. Before your oral cancer screening, you will be asked to rinse with a specialized solution. The doctor will then use a small, handheld device to scan the inside of your mouth. The light emitted from the ViziLite® device allows the doctor to differentiate healthy and unhealthy tissue in a matter of seconds.


For patients who suffer from excess gum tissue, an uneven gum line, or unhealthy gums due to gum disease, we offer laser gum surgery using WaterLase®. This innovative technology combines high-powered water and laser energy to simultaneously cauterize and seal the gum tissue for a more comfortable and minimally invasive procedure. Patients who undergo laser gum surgery experience shorter treatment times and faster recovery with reduced risk for complications.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are a much safer alternative to traditional x-rays. Once the x-rays are taken, they are immediately uploaded to our computer, allowing the doctor to immediately review your results. Since the x-rays are digital, they can be stored onsite and easily accessed year after year, providing greater preventive dentistry care and more efficient diagnoses and treatment planning.


Achieving a straighter smile has never been easier. With Invisalign® clear aligners, you no longer have to worry about the brackets and wires that come with traditional braces. If you qualify for this treatment, the doctor will take digital x-rays of your teeth to create a digital model of your smile. These images are immediately sent to the Invisalign® lab. Your aligners will be fashioned from clear, BPA-free plastic and customized to fit your top and bottom teeth. Each aligner should be worn for two weeks before upgrading to the next aligner in the series. Aligners can be easily removed for eating and cleaning. Treatment typically takes about nine to 12 months.


Although tooth enamel is durable, it is susceptible to decay and damage. By locating these weakened areas early on, you can help save your tooth and protect your oral health. Our doctors use a compact, portable device known as DEXIS CariVu ™ to detect troublesome areas. The transillumination technology is able to identify tiny fissures unseen to the naked eye. 

A High Level of Care

To learn more about the dental technology we use, we encourage you to set up a dental exam with us today. Send us a message or call us at (201) 332-0403 to schedule your appointment. At Jersey City Dental, our advanced technologies and treatments will help provide you and your family with a high level of care.

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